What we do

It took the many years to realize how much potential opportunities abounds in the exportation of primary cash crops such as; local herbs, roots and other agrobased produce. Yet the potentials have not been fully exploited in spite of many partakers in the exportation trade of this sector of the economy. Agscope modafinilprijs International has the potentials to export in tens or hundreds of tons and small quantities of your requirements of any locally produced agro seeds, herbs and other materials into your finished goods and can assist in sourcing for or marketing of your finished product from the primary produce sources within the country and the entire Sub Sahara Africa.

.…..we provide the missing Link in the world of cash crops and other agro based exports

Agscope International acts as agent to buyer around the world to source for their requirements from the local farmers/suppliers at a very competitive pre-export prices and preparation of the produce sourced to international standard before packaging in accordance to your specific need and then freighting based on pre-agreed medium of transporting and then monitor until the produce arrives at you chosen destination.

We have sizable farmland in Nigeria where Moringa Seeds and other derivable products from Moringa are planted, processed and prepared for exportation. While we are in partnerships/contacts with many other farmers who are into the planting and preparation of other cash crops for your needs; in which case we act as intermediary. Thereby, saving you the stress of having to interface with faceless, unorganized and usually unreachable farmers from the deepest interior of Nigeria.
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